Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Suicide is painful

This is an interesting one: if you were going to commit suicide what would be your preferred method of despatch?

I was thinking that I would favour a skydive sans parachute. However this would be a little unfair on those tasked with clearing up the mess. If I was going to be thoughtful about it this also rules out a shotgun under the neck and a host of other bloody methods.

Then it occurred to me that some potential must exist to have a bit of fun with suicide. If you're prepared to die in the process there must be countless merry japes or potential profit-making capers to be pulled off.

For instance, and this is a weak one, how about a spot of Russian Roulette in a Deer Hunter stylee? If you win you make a little bit of cash, and if you lose then, well, job done. And you never know; a few squid in your back pocket might even make you change your mind.

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