Friday, August 12, 2005


God, I can't stop. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon enough. I fully admit to being a faddist, so I'm sure my posts will cease within a month.

I like the idea of blogging, and it raises some interesting issues. It's like a diary, but one which anyone can read. Should I be brutally honest in my opinions, or tone things down so as not to cause offence? Should I be controversial to attract a greater readership? (This has just made me wonder of there is any way of seeing the number of hits this blog takes). I guess it's okay to be genuinely controversial, as long as it's not done just to shock. Bloody French. D'oh!

These are rhetorical questions BTW, dear reader, but feel free to post a response if you so wish.


Something dirty said...

I put a counter on our little group blog. It was sort of depressing but interesting still.

Something dirty said...

BTW, there are free counters at bravenet and sitemeter, and some others. They were easy enough for me to use, and that's saying something.

I enjoy your blog!

Dom said...

I found a good counter at StatCounter.

You're right; it is depressing :)

Glad you like it!