Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Broadsword calling Danny Boy...

Well, it's on again: Where Eagles Dare (BBC1 11:05pm August 17th).

A great film, as I'm sure everyone will agree, and one which can be seen on practically a weekly basis (and that's just on UK terrestrial telly).

Henceforth I shall keep a tally of its broadcast frequency.

Will everyone let me know when it's being shown, and which channel and country?. I have a feeling it will be shown more here than anywhere else! It's a quirky English war caper, despite the token Septic in the form of good old Clint.

I have a friend, Edward, for whom this is much more than a film. Whenever it's shown he is compelled to enact a sacred ritual that dates back to his childhood. He fetches a pint glass which he fills with Cocopops and milk, wraps himself in a duvet and proceeds to devour the contents of the glass with a spoon, all the while providing key dialogue just ahead of the actors, presumably to help them in case they forget their lines.

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