Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How to remove GRUB

GRUB is a third party boot loader that I used for a while as a means of triple booting between Linux and two Windows installs.

When it came time to restore the system to single boot I was faced with the question of how to remove GRUB without damaging any of the Windows installation.

The process was surprisingly straight-forward, despite some worrying posts I read on the Intertron.

This thread contains some useful info, but this is all I had to do:

1. Alter your BIOS to boot first from CD
2. Boot from the XP CD
3. When prompted select Repair
4. At the C:\WINDOWS prompt enter the following commands:

CD ..
BOOTCFG /rebuild

5. Reboot and change BIOS back to boot from HDD
6. If necessary edit the boot.ini file to remove any lingering OS entries that you no longer need.

Job done :)

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