Monday, November 07, 2005

Prams - Instruments Of Torture

My baby's pram seems to have been specifically designed to cause me the maximum amount of discomfort and pain. Its handle is positioned at exactly the wrong height, causing me to walk hunched forward at just the angle that will cause my back, upon straightening up, to spasm wildly and require me to lie on a board for a week before I can stand up straight again.

In addition my older son's buggy-board, attached to the back of the pram, has thoughtfully been fitted with a sharp edge at shin height, which extends out just far enough to ensure that I have only two choices; take tiny wee steps like a ballerina or bark one or both shins at every step.

And yet my wife pushes this instrument of torture every day with no apparent ill effects. Mums truly are a breed apart :)

1 comment:

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